Friday, June 6, 2008

Have a Tiki Party to attend Try these two items!

So many beach parties happen in Second Life (TM) these outfits are inspired for those who want to go to a beach party and have fun being part of the Tiki Tribal style!

Hula Tiki Gal includes:
Flower Garland
Waist Belt Garland
Grass Flexified Skirt
Tropical Bikini
and a Tiki Drink thats scripted.

For the gentlemen who want a modifyable outfit, here is the Male Tiki set. It is a pair of shorts (that turn into pants) and a hawaiian shirt. This outfit also includes a Tiki Drink thats scripted all for $1L its also Mod & Copy. Enjoy the beach from JeZeBeLes Realm!

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